My Opinion About Corona

Credit Photo : Dicky Pinem
Willie Pe88
Based on my prediction, not some scientific research. Corona virus is closely related with human body immunity. Where that immunity is not produced again normally. This is also related with how nature is maintained poorly. Forest which act as air filter is at worst state. empty land which get direct sunlight can disturb soil quality heavily. 

Land maintained forcefully with overusage of fertilizer, pesticide usage can also break nature chain. land which induced to grow products human need that must be fulfilled, in my opinion 25% of that products gone to waste because classic reason that human need super quality products to be smart... To product that super quality force the farmers to find a new way with many method, such as chemical usage which is not necessary... super human feels busy with their activity taking no care about them consuming food product that already contaminated with poison.
Credit Photo : Dicky Pinem 

 When that food go inside human body, they have no other purpose than to destroy human body immune system. When that virus come, human arrogantly defeat virus without enough antibody. For me, human can't defeat virus or with pride fight virus. Human must overcome themselves to be wise with nature and to avoid useless overconsumption. 

Nature is not cruel, and not the virus that kill human. But it is human who kill human. Human are killing themselves in this corona pandemic... That's what I predict in my coffee garden...

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